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About Us

About Us

Almelek Archive is designed as a website to facilitate research through the use of keywords. It will appeal to all researchers, writers, teachers, students and those interested in Turkish Literature, in particular those who use keywords. When researching Humanities and Civilizations you will find much information under the headings Articles, Novels, Poetry, Plays, Anecdotes, Stories, Memoirs and Biography.

Almelek Archive facilitates the search for data on historical events through keywords used to explore 2174 works by 897 authors and also through reference to places and people, and subjects such as professions, clothing, food, drink, emotions, science, literature, music, illness, possessions, religion or beliefs, the media, industry, trade, traditions, hobbies, and characters in literature. The Archive contains 285621 different keywords, 852029 vocabulary words or terms and gives the page number of the reference as well as the author, title and publisher of each work mentioned.

According to demand, Almelek Archive is continuously updated. We plan to introduce reader collaboration into the system. Every kind of opinion or advice is welcomed.

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