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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does this site offer?

This site gives the title and page number of the works and words being sought The search can be done in four different ways:

  • By looking for the word itself
  • By looking for the name of the character
  • By looking for incidents in the book
  • By looking for  visual elements


2. Have you really read these books? Can I trust the information given?

I have read all the works included in this site and am continuing to read others. I have archived them under a system set up by my team on rules I created for myself. However, I accept that there may be mistakes such as omissions, faulty and/ or insufficient information which may have been overlooked when the archive was being compiled. Nevertheless, Alper Almelek and/or Carbon Interactive Marketing  Problem-Solving Co. disclaim responsibility for any negative results which may arise from any such mistakes.


3. How did you choose the words included in the site?
My aim was to choose and archive words connected with  a particular aspect of human civilization, not to choose words at random. For example, none of the words in the sentence, “The man entered the room and sat down on a chair” were archived. But had the sentence been written “The man entered the smoking room and sat down on an ottoman,”   I would have archived it as the words “smoking room” and “ottoman” are words which have a connection with human culture in describing a former way of life.  A person researching into the habit of smoking or into kinds of furniture would find these words useful.


4. What was the object in adding sources  to the site?

The starting point for the project was Classic Turkish Literature and History. In fact 150 of the 200 authors mentioned are Turkish writers. Literature, I feel, is of use in the understanding of Turkish History and so I made a collection of novels, plays and poetry, further enriched by numerous memoirs and/or biographies. I also included modern and contemporary works of Turkish Literature and observations by the historians of the day. Recently cultural and vocabulary items from World Literature have been introduced into the archive, a process which is ongoing and, indeed, infinite. The aim is to read as many books as possible and include these in the archive.


5. Are new sources to be added? If so what would these be?

AAKA aims at constant updating its data base. . New works of Classic Turkish and World Literature and of Modern Turkish and World Literature by various writers and in various styles  will be added as well as research theses, articles and books, memoirs, biography, autobiography etc. which have had an impact on society.


6. Are suggestions for sources accepted?

Any suggestions would be welcome.


7.  Are the contents of the books part of the site?

In accordance with International Internet Copyright Laws the rights to the publication of any work belongs exclusively to the owner/ organization, so at present it is not possible to include the whole text.


8. May materials from individuals be included in the site?

We would like to make this possible and plans for this are being prepared.


9. How can the books for which the title and the connected page numbers are given be acquired?

The following suggestions may be useful:
A. Books can be obtained by connecting with the publishers or with their outlets.
B. You may order books through the link on this site.
C. Books in print may be bought from bookshops.
D. Books may be borrowed from state/ educational libraries.
E. You may find the book in your own library or bookshelf.