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Almelek Kitap İndeksi

Almelek Archive Publishing Criteria

Almelek Archive Publishing Criteria

General Remarks

  • The contents of the Almelek Archive were established by Alper Almelek.
  • The aim is to encourage reading and research. The archive is presented as a platform for researchers to share their findings and as a contribution, however small, to those interested in Turkish Language and Culture. 


Contents Responsibility

  • Almelek Archive  is a free site offered with good intentions
  • Everything possible has been done to ensure that the information given is accurate and that the system functions flawlessly.
  • Alper Alemeke and CarbonInteraktif Pazarlama Cozumu A.S. disclaim responsibility for any negative results which may arise from using incorrect or faulty material from the site or anything which may be connected to this.
  • Any mistakes or incorrect information or any problems with the text will be corrected as soon as these are brought to our notice.
  • The contact form given may be used to convey any suggestions or advice concerning the site. As this is a new venture we are anxious and eager  to be of use to information seekers/researchers,  therefore any criticism, positive or negative, is of great importance to us.